SureGene, LLC

Personalized Medicine for Mental Health

Louisville, Kentucky based SureGene, LLC utilizes modern genetic technology to discover the underlying genetic basis for psychiatric illnesses and drug response. We develop our genetic discoveries into products (molecular diagnostic tests) used to improve the care of people with serious mental illness. For example, in conjunction with PGXL Laboratories who developed the test and will provide testing services, we have just launched one of our biomarker discoveries as a genetic test that will be useful in predicting whether antipsychotic drugs are likely to be safe and effective for particular patients.  More information about this product, the SureGene Test for Antipsychotic and Antidepressant Response or STA2R, please click on the banner below.

We believe that our products will support physicians in getting the right antipsychotic drug to the right patient. This information provided to physicians in the form of genetic test results can assist them in selecting antipsychotic drugs for particular patients.

Getting the right antipsychotic drug to the right patient has two primary benefits for patients, their families and healthcare providers:

  • Reducing the harm that is caused by antipsychotic drugs that are either not effective or are likely to cause serious adverse events based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup
  • Improving the effectiveness of antipsychotic drugs when the most effective antipsychotic drug is selected and prescribed based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup

Our core organizational and scientific strength comes from our ability to discover important genes associated with psychopathology and antipsychotic drug response in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Our technology can be used to identify genetic variations in subpopulations that correlate with important safety factors, such as lack of effect as well as improved response to antipsychotic drugs. Our technology also allows us to segment clinical trials to enhance performance of antipsychotic and other drugs relative to active comparators, identify targets for drug repurposing, and identify novel targets for drug development.