Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is an area of health care that is becoming more widely used to focus on how a person’s genetic makeup can affect his or her ability to respond to medications. This allows physicians to choose the most effective and safest drug, or dosing of a drug, with the benefit of this additional genetic information.

Personalized medicine is based on the analysis of biological processes at the molecular level through the measurement of biomarkers. SureGene’s focus is on genetic biomarkers.  By using personalized medicine tools and techniques, over time we strive to be able to:

  • Predict treatment response before initiation of therapy
  • Identify the presence of psychiatric disorders
  • Predict the likely future course of psychiatric disorders

In drug development, biomarkers can provide information to create effective drug development strategies that minimize risk and also minimize time to market, enabling researchers to:

  • Identify potential drug targets
  • Predict toxicological effects in the early stages of drug development
  • Assess drug safety and efficacy
  • Stratify patient populations during the later stages of drug development and clinical trials