Scientific Approach

Our research activities, company operations, and business model focus on conducting genetic research in-house under the direction of our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mark Brennan.  We also work closely with Dr. Herbert Meltzer, a prominent neuroscientist, clinician, and patient advocate, to incorporate his world-renowned insight into SureGene’s model of genetic interactions that impact antipsychotic drug response and the clinical presentation of psychosis.

SureGene focuses on quantitative traits

A common genetic variation that impacts various aspects of psychopathology (endophenotypes) can identify high-impact targets for:

  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Differential diagnosis

Endophenotypes include cognition, obsessiveness, bizarre mentation, bizarre sensory perception, mania, depression, paranoia, and others

At SureGene, we are redefining mental illness by focusing on endophenotypes.

SureGene’s proprietary biomarker discovery process

Target identification

  • Proprietary bioinformatics identifies genes in the same pathway influencing the same phenotype

Biomarker confirmation

  • Confirm role in disease with the use of consented genetic samples

Product development

  • Biomarker validation
  • Prototype development
  • Identify select partners for commercialization